I was wondering, why is this turd of an album so highly regarded? The whole thing is a tasteless affair, crowd pandering to the highest degree. You can almost feel their egos inflate with every boring scale run across the length of their instrument. Its a bad album. Its sad really, because they can be great together. Just look at the Guitar Trio, its a beautiful album, very tasteful and you can tell that music is their only focus. So I guess my question is, why is that steaming turd is so highly regarded, when The Guitar Trio is almost never mentioned? There is no accounting for taste, I guess.
God damnit that album does suck. Each of the members is capable of so much more individually than that abomination.
- 3 egos's

- live performance

- recording


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Who's Andy Timmons??
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haha because JMc, Al, and Paco can melt your faces off - and so they choose to do, in style. so eat that ****.

The first song is enough...wow...I still remember the first time I heard it....awesome...all guitarsists have huge egos so why is that a problem all of a sudden? Lol
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It seems to bring up a perfectly valid point of discussion? (although in a very trollish manner)