Hester Prynne, love em'...hate em'? I couldn't find a thread on them so I decided to make my own. Personally I love them. They are definitely my favorite band alongside Chelsea Grin. I don't know what it is about them that just infatuates me. I just love how their sound is just different enough from the norm of death metal/deathcore that they are just refreshing to listen too.

If you get a chance, check em' out: http://www.myspace.com/hesterprynnemetal

Btw, their album is about a divorce that ends in brutal murder...effin' sweet! lol
They ripped off Abigail Williams' name.

Puritan times ftw
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No offense, but they really do sound like generic deathcore.

Chelsea Grin and Hester Prynne? You could start your own little generic family soon...Abigail Williams? Metallica too?

These name bands are starting to get gay.
Way to crush my spirits lol.
It's just what I like. They are an extremely small fraction of the overall of what I listen to, but I do tend to always come back and listen to both of those bands, them and Black Dahlia Murder and AGATG.
Very generic I think. There isn't really much reason to listen to them, because everything they have done has been done better by someone else. Meh.
Name is hilarious, love the ridiculous adultery reference.

That is all.
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Boring, unimaginative breakdowns - check
Vocalist who tries at every other line to show off his (not) immense vocal range - check
bad deathcore? - check

It's a shame that all the really popular deathcore is so awful. Oh well.
How big is this band? I'm related to the singer and was just curious.
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Hey, Hester Prynne, good job naming your band after the main character in a god awful book I hope my children and their children never have to read in school like I did.

Also good job sucking.
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Man I don't like this band like at all, their on some of the most brutal breakdown videos on youtube? Are you kidding me? Brutal? Screw that, these guys are one of the wimpiest deathcore bands ever. Plus, their singer irritates me his growls are absolutely horrendous.
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what everyone else said

Nailed it. You would think these bands would get as annoyed with breakdowns as i am by now.
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What book did these guys take their name from? That shit sucked.

I actually kind of like the music though.
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