I don't know if this is in the right area but i'm having trouble writting lyrics that match my guitar. I can write lyrics just fine that don't match any particular guitar riff I come up with. So basically I have lyrics + no guitar or Guitar + no lyrics. Has this ever happened to anybody. I'm going to admit i'm new at the guitar. If anyone has any tips i'd appreciate it!
Put it in the "Techniques" section.

But to answer your question anyway, learn music theory and practice writing. Post your lyrics/pieces on here and take peoples advice. UG has alot of people that can teach you alot of things. Take full advantage of it.
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personally, when I think of lyrics, there's already music behind them.
most of the time I just try to figure out what was in my head and then expand from that
idk if it works the same for you tho
OK but the problem I'm having is I write the lyrics, and I have a tune to sing them in and everything but I cant get the guitar to match that tune.
Thats just something you have to practice until you get it right. If you have a tune to match lyrics in your head, try recording it on something, so you don't get it mixed up or forget it, and try to match it on guitar.
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learn music theory and practice writing

once you learn your scales, it'll be easier to fit the guitar and vocals together.
Do what everyone else has said and learn music theory. I'm no expert on theory, but memorizing a bunch of scales, keys, and modes helped my songwriting a ton. Just figure out what key your guitar part is in and it'll make writing a vocal part much easier.