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if you still have it. inspired by the "would you sell your first guitar" thread. sadly i cant join because i dont have a camera, but mine is an epiphone les paul standard, it was about $200, the frets are all notched now but i still like it.
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Fender Deluxe Players Strat. Still got it, of course, cuz I just started doing electric about a year ago. Done acoustic for a while before that- that's a 1972-73 Yamaha FG-580. Still got it, not getting rid of it cuz i got it from my late granddad
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mine was like this but wine red, Honestly i think its better than people here give it credit for, tone-wise its meh, but when it comes to playability mine feels just as good as some higher end ESP and Epi LPs.
Not my first one, but the first lefty I owned. I had a few right-handed pass me downs, but I never got really into playing until now.

It's a 'Denstone' ebay strat copy, upgraded with GFS-lil killer rails. I've added 3 DPDT switches for parallel/series/coil split as well to it. Painted the headstock, shimmed the neck, shield the inside and it plays pretty good.

And to answer the other thread, no I'll probably never get rid of it. It won't be worth anything money wise, but it will hold that value to me. Plus all my roommates and friends are right handed. lol.

Lefty Strat Copy w/ GFS Lil' killer rails + Crazy wiring
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Ibanez JetKing II. I would never sell it, it's still my favorite guitar.

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Squier Affinity Stratocaster. It originally had White knobs and pickup covers, but I swapped the knobs and took off the covers. I still have, and I'm thinking about modding some better pickups into it, but IDK I might sell it.
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I'm with DeltaFunk
The first guitar was a Valencia acoustic, and then I borrowed a red strat copy from my boyfriend. However, I got my true first electric today, an ESP LTD EX-351.

ESP LTD EX-351 in gunmetal blue.
Valencia acoustic.
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I wish I still had my first guitar.. Some strat copy from JC Penny's catalog. But that was 17 years ago. So
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The Squier Acoustic was my first - Birthday gift from my wife in March 02

I was hooked, and bought the MIM Strat in May

went through various amps..
Started with cheapo Crate GX15 or something like that..
Went to a Line6 Spider II 75W about 3 years ago..
After jamming with my friend who had a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe.....
Well needless to say it didn't take long to figure out how bad the Spider sucked...
But it took about a year to convince the wife I needed a different amp..
Got an Epiphone Valve Jr about a year later.
Then in August last year I got the Peavey Classic 30.
And finally about 2 months ago I got the MusicMan Axis SuperSport

Could not be happier...

2001 Ernie Ball Music Man Axis Super Sport
2001 MIM Standard Strat
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No, but really.

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This vintage Conrad 10080 was my first project guitar. I found the body and neck on eBay, and got the rest of the parts for it, and put it together.
It now has a Bigsby on it, flatwound strings, and a custom wood veneer pickguard with binding I made for it. She plays like a dream.
I've restored a few old archtops since I brought this one back to life, but this one's special.
Traveler Guitar.jpg
This is the best picture I could at the moment. Taken back in June before I sold her. She didn't play so bad after a couple of adjustments there and here.

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Washburn WR150, the model year is around 2000. Puts my first bass (and other guitar, for that matter) to shame.

Didn't want to post massive picture...
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jazz bass.

t-bird is muddy inversatile, and reminds me of emo chicks.

Current rig: Peavey Millennium 5 - Drive B15

To buy: Ampeg BA112 or BA115

been playing this Yamaha ERG121C for a year and a half now ..still playing it

it's a pretty solid beginner's kit guitar.

but still saving for a good guitar
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That's me playing it at a gig. I think it was my first ever gig actually.

IT's an Ibanez GRG170DX with custom pups. Sounds good.
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I know a guy who's first guitar was a Steve Vai Signature. They must be filthy rich and he never plays it. It brings tears to my eyes.
Camilla Choads.

Worst guitar I ever owned, I only had it for a month or two before I upgraded to the G400 I still play occasionally today.
What I'm working with:
Fender Jazzmaster
Gibson SG-X
ESP EC-401
Peavey 6505+ w/ Voodoo mods
This, but the lower down model (£18.99 from Argos), followed by my first electric
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Electrically though it's a blue Japansese-made 1990's strat copy from a company called Bradley.

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haha, I didn't wanna take the time to go to Photobucket, so I just googled it. That is my guitar, It was on the first page!
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honestly it plays better than most acoustics I've tried

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