This may be a noob question but is there a program that I can just drop an mp3 in and it would show me the chords/notes used to make the song? There has to be something out there like that...I have guitarpro but I dont know if i can use it for that purpose, i highly doubt I can. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Rawls Royce
There is software out there that will convert a MP3 into a MIDI track but all the software I've tried just turns it into nothing but random noise. So to answer your question I don't think there is one that can really help you with that.
MP3 files are time-scaled graphs of sound frequencies that are far too complex for existing software to reliably transcribe. On the other hand, MIDI files are literally timescaled dots on a grid that correspond to pitches with different tracks seperated from each other, dramatically simplifying the process of transcribing MIDI pitches.

In short, no. Nothing reliable, at least.