Me and a few friends are in a band, and have been for quite a while. But we have yet to come up with a band name. I need you all to help me out with picking a band name by trying your best to give me some good suggestions.
Please be serious.

1. One to Three words.
2. Only serious suggestions.
3. Original Ideas only.

Thanks loads, people.
What genre is your band?

(And no, that is not a suggestion for the name)
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The Last Song

EDIT: Josie and the Skanks
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"Were so uncreative that we cant even come up with a band name so whats that make you think about us as "musicians""

It has a ring to it...
That One Band
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Well since you aren't creative enough to come up with a band name, but still some how think you are creative enough to write songs, how about,

the Dodo retardos
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If you start a band, don't call it Huey Lewis and the News. There is already a band with that name.

E-cookie for the reference
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pick your favorite lyric from one of your songs
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