I've been a bit worried about the way I've been holding my pick. Right now I feel as if I have two positions for holding it. I originaly held my pick by placing it between my thumb and the flat part of my index finger (kinda like if I was pinching it), now I see that I sometimes shift it and I end up holding it with the side of my index and my thumb like the majority of guitarists I've seen. I think it's probably cuz of a vid I seen about Paul Gilbert explaining pick positioning at that 45 degree angle.

Anyways since I started picking in that way (45 degree angle) my tremolo picking is slower, i feel the strings repel against it more then when i'm using the other position. Although I've been slowly controlling the speed of it when I tremolo pick in that angle do to an article from this forum I read, but i slightly feel that palm muting in this position is a slight bit uncomfy.

As for the way I picked before (having the pick between the flat part of my index finger and my thumb) I have more speed due to how long i've been picking in that way and easier so palm mute too.

What I'm worried about is that this might effect my picking habits in a bad way and I want to make sure that it doesn't slow me down on my practice, should i stay with the 45 degree angle pick and work on getting comfortable with it or stick with how I usually pick?
pick which ever way feels comfortable to you
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Ok, guess i'll decide which then, i'll practice and see what my result will be, I recently checked another forum on this situation and they mentioned the same thing

"Play whatever is comfortable with you" So I'll do that, thanks
Ok thanks, I've been getting the hang of using my wrist more and i see some improvement.
If you pinch the pick, instead of having it on the side of your index, wouldn't it make your wrist have to move more Perpendicular to the strings, than at an angle?

And it seems to me like pinching it would have to make you put your wrist at a weird position, but if you feel like you can play better that way...