“Angel with Devil Horn”

Verse 1
She walked up to me from across the room
Lookin like she was floatin on a pair of wings
But I couldnt see her little secret
Hidden behind her halo shinning in the moon
She thought she could pull the wool over my eyes
She thought I was just to blind to see it
I guess she thought I never would find
A devil horn hidden under her hair ties

Verse 2
She seemed so innocent with her coy little smile
But I probably shoulda noticed that something was off
The way she carried a pitchfork in her purse
And the way her tail dragged on the tile
Her bright red skin, I thought it was sunburn
And that cackling laugh I thought it was a joke
The joke was on me when the mask was taken off
And now all I have left is my love to mourn

Verse 3
Its over now theres nothing left to say
She adds another heart to her kill count
The devil in angels clothes has struck again
I just found out today
Well the devil has been revealed
The secret its been outted
And the angel who had stolen my heart
Her idea of heaven was mine of hell