I'm really looking for a new guitar. I've gone through 3 in the past year that I ended tiring of. I've got a 1993 Les Paul Standard which I love and wouldn't mind having another one, but really want to know opinions of a Firebird.

I've read that the mini humbuckers can stay cleaner than other humbuckers. true?

I've read the Firebird is like a cross between a Strat and and LP. true? if so, I like that. because while I like the Les Paul, I don't love the neck pickup. if the neck pickup and stay cleaner and "strat like", I think I'd like it.

I've heard the guitar is very neck heavy. is this so bad that it's really noticeable?

I've heard the Firebird neck is like playing a baseball bat. true? if it's no worse than a "Les Paul 50s style", I have no problem with it. but if it's truly enormous, I don't know.

I don't have any Gibson dealers anywhere close to me. so buying/trying one would mean ordering one from musicians friend. but returning it would of course be an option. I just want to get opinions of it.

I would want it for mainly blues, classic rock, and grunge. I have a Strat, but really want something with more bite than a Strat but maybe not as much as an LP.
I find that Gibsons stock minis are a little lacking in output. Not quite enough grit for me, but I think they're definitely fuller sounding than Strat pups.

As for neck - I've honestly never heard that about their necks. I thought it was about the same feel as the '50s LP neck. If you don't have a problem with that I don't think you'll have a problem with the Firebird.

As for neck-heaviness... I only played it sitting down, so I can't help there, sorry.