I often hear on this forum that one should ideally tremolo pick with their wrist and not their arm/elbow. I'm just kind of curious as to what the advantages of doing it with the wrist are since I have always done it with by elbow and I think I have gotten it down pretty well and can play most songs that I listen to with fast tremolo picking
When I first started trem picking, I had a hard time doing it well, but i just practiced more and more with my elbow and have gotten accustomed to it and I never have the elbow/arm pains that people say you get if you do it wrong.
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smaller movement = more speed and more control

its much easier with wrist
elbows hmm i doubt you can get much speed with that its just unnecessary discomfort..
random thought:i fractured my wrist a few years now and it actually helps with my speed
Agree with him.

At first I was like

And elbow looks retarded.


And then I was like

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The fact that your moving your entire forearm and hand every time you move from the elbow takes a lot more energy than moving just your hand from the wrist.
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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Picking from the wrist will also allow you to play fast, but it will take longer, you'll get tired quickly, and you'll most likely to suffer from pain in your arm.
....have gotten accustomed to it and I never have the elbow/arm pains that people say you get if you do it wrong.

I used to tremolo pick from my elbow, and to do so I had to keep my wrist pretty tense to keep it stiff. I did it for years playing death metal.

I ended up with pretty bad tendonitis in that wrist. I had to give up playing for a good while, and I was only able to really play again after teaching myself a completely different approach. I now play pretty much all from the wrist and very, very loose.

It also improved my playing dramatically.

You've got to do what works for you, but watch out for tension in your joints. it can really get you.