hey guys, just a quick question/fact check:

I've got a Vox AD100VT, and its an open backed amp, now am i right when i say a closed back amp usually has more of a... punch in its sound?

also, I'm thinking about making a back for it that can be put on and taken off whenever it may please me, would this be enough to switch between a closed back and open backed sound?
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Yes, that's enough I think.
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yeah, you can pull that off.

On some amps, even just a 8" board across the back helps. If you want to fully enclose the back that is a bit different obviously but will provide an even different sound. Something that can swapped on and off at will is cool but over time the screw holes will get worn out and then bam....

If still unsure ask in the Gear Building and Customizing forum as they are pretty good on their feet with materials and such. Gool luck.