is tenayo les paul kit good?
i mean what pickups come with it and can i change them when i want.

cuz i nevar can afford real les paul so for 280 bucks i can get nev les paul kit and customize it!

is it any good?
Quote by dudey5691

The pickups in the kit are probably horrid, along with the wood and hardware/electronics.

As Forsaknazreal (? I never get that right ) said, you should just buy an Epi LP or an Agile knock-off of sorts.

If you want to go through with it anyway, replace the pickups with GFS Crunchy PATs.


Admittedly not all UGers are the best of people, however your attitude and language was very uncalled for.

FWIW, get a Epi LP or an Agile like what dudey5691 suggests, most self assembled kits are never worth the money or effort, unless they come from Warmoth.
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