alright, i have worked my arse off this summer, and have accumulated 2400 to spend on guitar related gear, here is my dilemma.

tonight, i went and saw hinder and papa roach in concert, and noticed that hinder had no amplifiers on stage, and figured they probably went from the guitar through their effects and such into the PA system. the reason i bring this up is i have found what i believe to be the best guitar i have ever played, however, buying this instrument would take up pretty much all of my budget, leaving me with a 15w practice amp, and a boss gt-10b that i inherited from an uncle who recently quit playing bass.

so question one: will i be able to run a guitar through the pa at most gigs and be fine without an amp?
question two: how effective in the long run is using a gt-10B for a guitarist?


also, here is a link to the guitar that i previously mentioned...in case you were curious.

i'm not a great fan of that guitar tbh >.>

get a cheaper guitar and a better amp.
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Balance, man. BALANCE.

Basically, what the above poster said. Spend, I dunno.. 1200 bucks on a great guitar and 1200 bucks on a great amp. It's okay if you spend a little more on one than the other, but not to such an extent that you have a **** amp and good guitar.
but see the thing that confuses me, is why spend 1000+ on an amp, when 98% of the time i end up going through a pa system anyways? it seems like a good fx and eq would suffice, sans practicing of course.
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but see the thing that confuses me, is why spend 1000+ on an amp, when 98% of the time i end up going through a pa system anyways? it seems like a good fx and eq would suffice, sans practicing of course.

Well, that might be true. But you should probably use some money to buy something like a Vox Tonelab and put that through a PA. Then you get a good amp sound and you're balanced with the rest of everyone else.

There is of course the fact that you already have a Boss GT-10, which is just as good as a lot of other modeler/effect pedals.. so.. I dunno. Spend the 2250 however you like, just remember that there was a large portion of that cash that could have went to a good amp to play through at home or a crazy multi-fx pedal.
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that guitar is good, but you need to balance amp with guitar. Depending on your currency then you may need to save a little bit more, but dont sacrifice quality because you want it now, and also dont spend an extra fortune because you want good looks over sound

If i assume right that you want to play a jazz/blues style guitar, then i recommend this setup for your budget (if you wanted a rock tele, ill get back to you :P)

All prices are in australian dollars, so minus about 1/5 for USD (if its 100$ australian, its around 80-85$ american)

guitar: http://www.musoscorner.com.au/site/index.cfm?module=STORETIGERV2&bit=products&cart_id=4B90C659-FF3D-ED85-F40FA763E323DC9A&product_id=169134&category_code=2665&product_tab=additional_description&additional_desc_id=5071

It ironicaly looks like the other guitar you were looking at which is actualy by coincidence lol. Now this doesnt have humbuckers or coil tap/split, and if these are major things you want, I couldnt find 1 in you price range that has humbuckers aswell as other features like alder and rosewood, and non with coil tap. Also it has 1 less fret.

Amp: http://www.musoscorner.com.au/site/index.cfm?module=STORETIGERV2&bit=products&product_id=169323&cart_id=4B811FE1-0C83-7682-14AB387699D89FF5

This amp is assuming at gigs youll always run it through a PA system as it isnt loud enough to gig on its own.
There's also the possibility that they were running through amps, just not on stage. Or possibly rack mounted amps.

You shouldn't blow the entire lot on a guitar. Spread it and you'll have a great rig. A nice guitar, a nice amp and a decent overdrive. Winner.
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