alright well i have decided that when i get the money i will buy a tone zone for bridge, but im not sure what i want in the neck. im leaning against the paf pro but im not too sure.

what pups would be better for thrash,neo-classical?
they have to be dimarzios too. cause ill be able to get them cheaper.
please help.
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Humbucker from Hell or Air Classic. Sound better clean than paf pro and have a better lead sound imo
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air norton is pretty damn crazy
Pedal GAS?
Empress Heavy
ISP Dec of some sort
Keeley Katana
TC Corona/Vortex/Dreamscape
Air norton is awesome. Really smooth
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hmmm i just saw a humbucker from hell and i really like the tone out of that one. i think im set lol.now i just need to find a good guitar to put it on...................
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