Hey guys,
I am planning on building a mahogany warmoth tele body with 2 humbuckers.
Im just not sure whether to make it solid or hollow body.

I am planning on playing a tele deluxe and a 72 thinline so i can see what the tonal difference is for myself, but also just curious what you guys think the tonal difference between the two.

On the net, some have said it sounds fatter as a hollow body, but others have said thinner.
In my head, less wood to me should mean a thinner sound. But still, im curious.
I understand it will be more resonant, but im just wondering how much low end it will have.

So what do you guys think the sound difference will be like?

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It will sound more open, more resonant, Have a good low end (A lot depends on pickups), and, Since you're using mahogany, warmer.

Sounds awesome.
im planning on using seymour duncan jb and jazz with 300k vol pot and 500k tone pot
Im hoping for somewhere in between Les Paul and Tele.
You guys reckon that'll be in the ballpark?

P.S. with maple fretboard
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I'm actually in the middle of making a Warmoth Thinline Telecaster myself. Mine's got a black korina body, so it's a little brighter than yours would be, but they're pretty close.

For reference, this is the rough spec of mine so you have an idea where I'm coming from:
Black korina rear-routed Thinline Telecaster
Quarter-sawn maple neck with rosewood fretboard, vintage modern construction so it's got a more mellow tone to it than a Warmoth Pro construction neck would have
My only controls are a single 500k volume control with a treble bleed mod and the 3-way selector switch.

Now with all that, purely in terms of the natural sound quality, I would put the guitar somewhere around a modern Les Paul, or possibly a PRS. Even when I first got the body and didn't have it put together, just giving the body a knock showed how thick-toned the guitar would be. My Epi Les Paul (which is chambered) has a thicker tone than this, but my Gibson Les Paul (which is solid) has a noticeably brighter tone.

I imagine if you were to have something like a one-piece quarter sawn maple neck with Warmoth Pro construction on the same body as mine, you'd get a tone roughly like my Gibson LP. With a mahogany Thinline though, I think even with an all-maple neck, you'd end up sounding more like my Epi LP, which is very thick indeed.

If what you want is something between a Les Paul and a Telecaster, I'd go for a brighter-toned wood and the Thinline construction, or a solid korina body. Josh from Paramore (not tone masters I know, but bear with me) has a custom-built Fender Thinline Telecaster that was made to give him a Les Paul-ish tone but with some of the extra 'bite' that a Tele has; his Thinline's body is semi-hollow alder, and he uses a maple neck with a rosewood fretboard, Les Paul style controls, a Seymour Duncan Phat Cat P-90 in the neck and I believe a SD Custom 5 in the bridge, and it does indeed sound very much in the middle of a Telecaster and a Les Paul.

Speaking of pickups, if you do go for a semi-hollow guitar, don't use the Jazz and JB pickups. I tried them in a semi-hollow basswood body, with a Floyd Rose, and they were utterly terrible. Really muddy with no definition. If you did the same in a semi-hollow mahogany-bodied guitar with a hardtail bridge, they'd be even muddier. The Jazz is okay in certain guitars but it's not that amazing, and the JB really isn't all it's cracked up to be.
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any idea how a pearly gates full size humbucker at the neck and a jerry donahue bridge will sound on a thinline?
on a mahogany body/maple cap with maple neck/pau ferro fretboard.
thanks for the advice!
I am planning on putting a fender strat neck on (i just love the feel of em)

To be honest, i am after as close to a gibson LP sound (i havea studio and a classic and love the tone) but with the playability of a fender - i just find fenders much more comfortable

Im hoping the jb will sound quite rocky and not too icepicky with the 300k vol pot and 500k tone
Im thinking i might use gibson pots as well

Your guitar does sound quite amazing tho brother!

P.S. love josh's tone, with both guitars
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Well, the JB isn't that bright anyway. For high output, a Custom 5 will balance the tone better, or for more normal Les Paul output a Pearly Gates would work.

And yeah, if it's just a quetsion of LP tone with the Tele's feel, then I'd go for solid korina or semi-hollow alder. Maybe solid mahogany, depending on the exact pickup choice you go for and the hardware. Semi-hollow korina/mahogany sounds too thick for a Gibson LP, it's more of an Epi LP tone.
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