my band have put together a 20-30min setlist. Time varies depending on how long we get stuck in to songs after playing extended intros to some of the songs.

So what do you think of the order of songs;

-Growth (start our set with the Van Halen riff from the ending of In A Simple Rhyme)
-Its All I Need (Original - Fast paced rock n' roll Song)
-Embryo (instrumental song from Black Sabbath's Master Of Reality album which we improvise on)
-Outsider of Life (Original - slow power Ballad)
-Rock (original - Medium paced song)
-Living After Midnight (Judas Priest Cover - With an extended drum intro)
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Extended intros/outros/solos are usually a fast way to lose a crowd, especially at carnivals and other festival style events where the audience can go do something else if they get board. I would also beef up the set list a bit. I would always have an hour of material prepared-even if the gig is shorter.