im trying to think of a band name for a punk/hardcore/ska band without using the usual noninnovative "social", "society" "government" etc.

any good ones guys?
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I quote myself.
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The U.S.A-holes

thank god! sometimes i feel like im the only person on this forum that likes NOFX
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I quote myself.
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The Ramones

please go to the only band names thread in the promote your band forum

I believe it is in the bandleading forum. But still yeah we only need one band for that. Just a tip though, you'll love your band name so much more if its original.
The Shit-Fuck-Cunt-Holes
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Eh I tried.
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The Pull Out Method. or The Pull-Out Method. I tried using it once to start a band, but these hipster kids who think blink 182 is punk had a similar name and sent me an email yelling at me to change the name, and in the same email, asked me to get them a gig at this venue i'm friendly with

edit: oh yeah, forgot the purpose of the story. use it to piss those losers off, if they even have a band anymore...
i was in a immensely awful band for 3 months. thankfully, the only place i know of that still has one of our recordings is in the computer in my parents bedroom where it will stay.