So I've been considering starting a whole new project of arranging my own version of the Requieum For A Dream theme.

then I saw this guy:

Now in my opinion it's nothing special.. I mean some of it's pretty good but it's a bit messy and not all that long.

His guitar sounds like nothing out of the ordinary and just some normal digital guitar effects pedal or something was most likely used for recording that..

But the way the chorus sounds has a certain kind of scream-like sound to it that I'm not sure how to obtain.
It starts at about 1:00 into it and ends at 1:40
At 1:40 it just sounds like your normal guitar again.. and at 2:23 the sound comes back and ends at 2:36.
Like I said, the stuff in between those times isn't anything out of the ordinary.

So what all is going on here?
I hear the string instruments playing behind it but they're alot more quiet.. at least from what I know is there..
What else is going on to his sound?

And I'm sure alot of people will say "sounds like nothing different to me.. just a normal guitar sound" or something.. and if that's easy to obtain then record something with that sound upload it please. =]
At the beginning he's just using distortion, backwards delay, and reverb and then turns off the delay.

That's pretty much what it seems to me like. Some chamber-setting reverb combined with aggressive picking and strong vibrato.
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its the vibrato that makes it screaming

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Even the parts in the chorus that are just straight quick notes still have a certain sound to them.. and it sounds alot different than the rest of the stuff he plays.