Hey people, check out my cover of 1979. It just me on guitar and my mate on drums and we obviously dubbed billy's vocal on top.

But yeah, we both started learning our instruments late last year and we're really keen on making this band thing work. We've got another guitarist in the band but there will be no issue of ego, we're both happy to switch between lead and rhythm depending on the song. Another mate has just decided to join the fun and picked up bass guitar dutie. Now all we need is to practice practice practice and get good and then hopefully convince another mate to sing for us.

So please have a listen and let me know what you think
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thanks mate.

just checked out your video, really nicely done mate. i'm not a deftone fan by any means but cool song nonetheless.

check out our cover of the strokes' reptilia. a bit sloppy but we're still learning!