Is there any place in Singapore that i can get a Digitech Whammy IV in Singapore for under 500 Dollars(Singapore)??

Please reply if anyone has an idea. I know Swee Lee Musicals has one but dont know for how much.

dude... including myself, i think there only 2 or 3 active singaporeans on this forum.

why don't you try www.soft.com.sg forums?
Sounds crazy, but the biggest Mod I'd seriously love to have on my Whammy is it running on 9 Volts DC instead of AC!!! Makes powering the whole board a lot less straightforward with different power supplies (or more expensive/heavy ones). buy steroids sandy lane For the rest I'm really happy with the Whammy IV, though am still 'very' tempted by the other Mods on Molten Voltage's site! Love the coloured L.E.D.'s!
www.soft.com.sg is probably your best bet.

I'm not certain how much the Digitech Whammy costs at Swee Lees... while I am certain it should not be above $500... well lets say that prices at Swee Lee aren't exactly what you'd describe as competitive.

Alternatively see if Blackwoods (opp Swee Lees) has any second hand though Blackwoods can be quite pricy.
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