I've been playing guitar for like 2 years and feel like I'm a bit stuck. I'm not improving as much as I used to do.

So, I thought it could help by having somekind of routine when I pick up the guitar.
Like, a certain amout of time for just warmin up and practicing stuff and after that I play covers or whatever my purpose of playing was.

So could anyone show me some good warm-up/shred/sweep execises?

And, apart from shred and sweep, I really want to get good at down-picking to play songs like Master of Puppets etc.
Anyone knows an exercise for that except for just training by playing the song over and over again...?

Thanks and bye!
Well I don't do any shred exercises, even though I porbablu should, but for master of puppetes...play it at half speed and gradually increase with a metronome. It will be really boring at first but you will go from half speed to like 90 percent speed in a bout a week (if u practice every day for like 10 minutes)..well I did at least. But that's the way to learn anything that's too fast
well i dont think that there is any set way to get better but what i usually do is warm up by playing some songs that i know pretty well but not perfectly, so you can get better at them and warm up at the same time. then i spend a hour or so playing covers that i am trying to learn usually about 3 at a time so i dont get to board. as for the shreding part i pick out some solos that i like and work on them. the main thing i try to do is not play the same stuff every time i practise. that way it stays interesting and productive.
Learn theory, it will allow you to understand what you're playing, how music works, and how to come up with licks. For sweep picking, learn the basic shapes of the major and minor arpeggios, and learn to play them across 3, 4 (uncommon, but still used), 5, and 6 strings. Practice with a metronome and make sure you're technique is precise and clean. Other techniques you can learn are alternate picking, string skipping, legato, and tapping. For alternate picking, I recommend practicing using 3 notes per string. Take a pattern and play the exact same pattern over all the strings. For legato, work on trills between every pair of your fingers, then you can also play a three-note-per-string pattern using hammer-ons and pull-offs. For tapping I suggest you play major and minor arpeggios over one string, then try tapping with the pentatonic scale. For string skipping, learn some of Paul Gilbert's licks. As far as down-picking, try Practice What You Preach by Testament because it has a slower tempo, then work on Master of Puppets.
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