ok guys i have a question that i would like some opinons on. basicaly i want a new amp that can get high gain and killer cleans and sounds very clear with both. it also needs to be able to switch between cleans and gain with a pedal. i would really like a mesa boogie tube amp but as you know they are quite expensive. there are also some cheaper amps, like randall and crate, that i like but they are all solid state. i mostly play metal and some blues/classic rock. so my question is do you think that i would be better of saving for a nice boogie amp about 1500, or a good ss thats around 900. any help and amp suggestions would be appreciated. thanks.
tough call, it's nice to have a bad ass amp, I have a mesa and I love it, but i don't mind technology either and for recording I sometimes use software which is all digital anyway, in that case maybe get a lower end line 6 and save up for the bigger amp long term, and ofcourse it all depends on your music type and style and will you be playing live, etc
Get a Flextone with a footswitch, or save up.
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Vox VT15/VT30 if you're on a budget. Badassery in a box.
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i dont gig as of yet but that is my intention, and i would only buy a used one if i tryed it first, so they would have to be local
Randall RM50 with a Treadplate module mod'd by Rob (Jaded Faith on MTS forum) and Blackface moudule. The Rob mod'd Treadplate is said to be even better than the actual Mesa Boogie Rectifier. You'll have to save up a bit more if you want new, which is $1560. But if you can go used, then you can get it all for about $800-$900. The mod costs $140, and the modules $210 each. The amp itself costs $1000, but you can probably find it used for $500-$700. The Blackface will get you the cleans you want, and the Mod'd Recto will definitely get you the hi gain you want.

I have the RM80 which is the 212 version of the RM50. It is amazing. The Blackface is incredible with cleans on my EMG 60. My 1087 (dan donegan signature mod'd by pete turley) shines when my guitar is tuned to C with 12 gauge strings.

There are so many modules and mod that can be done to the modules that it is almost impossible to not find a good tone. Here are a few great modders i know of.

Rob (Jaded Faith on MTS forum)
Pete Turley (okstrat on MTS forum)
Anthony (Salvation on MTS forum).
Voodoo Labs
David Friedman.

MTS Forum:http://mtsforum.grailtone.com/index.php



Don't be afraid to go used...some great deal usually come up on the MTS forum, as well as CL and ebay. But check the forum first as you can trust almost everyone on there.

Good Luck.
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Most ENGL amps are based on the AMAZING DISTORTION+GOOD CLEAN SOUND setup.

Check em out. You could probably get an ENGL powerball if you looked used, for that kind of monehhhh.
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you can find used recto combo and singel recto heads in that price range and even a used mark III. Those are your choices if you want mesa at that price range(900)

Or if you can only buy new the Krank REv JR/Jr pro is a nice little amp for the price. Not ear crushing loud, but loud enough for gigs and heavy enough for "meta"
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