so i got a new amp ,vypyr 30, and now im trying to fix up my old amp its a starter amp (B.B.Blaster bb10 10 watt amplifier ). all i want to do for now is switch the speaker round, but ive never done anything like this before so thats where i need your help.

what will i need to do it, where could i find a could speaker and an estimate of how much this would cost?

oh how would i go about switching it?
it's really easy, actually. you can find speakers at GC, MF, i think warehousespeakers.com, etc. you'll just need some basic tools like a wrench and screwdriver. as for which one to get, that's up to you, just be sure that the ohms of the new speaker match that of the old one/your amp, and that the speaker can handle enough watts, which i'm sure won't be a problem with that amp. now, my question is, why would you waste the money on a speaker to upgrade such a ****ty amp?
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well it my first time trying anything like this and like to try ive got one of the guitar packages that you build up in the post as well so i just thought it would be worth a shot
id like to do lots of things to the amp to make it better just to try this kinda thing out
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First, you need to see what size speaker is in there. Probably 8", maybe 10" if you're lucky. Next, you'll need to check the impedance of the speaker. It may say something on the speaker, or you may need to find the schematic. Your replacement needs to be the same size and same impedance as the existing one.

Anyway, first thing is to decide what one you're going to put in there. All you need is a screwdriver and a soldering iron, and wire strippers as well I guess. Unplug the amp, open the back of the amp, desolder/clip the leads off the existing speaker (mark which lead is connected to the + tab on the speaker, I use a twisty-tie thing from garbage bags), unscrew it, take the old one out, screw in the new one, solder the leads back onto the new one.

Your biggest issue is going to be finding the impedance of the existing speaker and a suitable replacement, and it's probably not worth it to be quite honest, but it's easy to do once you find a suitable replacement
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^Agreed, except, there's no point in marking the (+) and (-) leads since that doesn't apply to a single speaker set up. Speakers have no polarity, the (+) and (-) is so you can hook multiple speakers up in series or parallel.
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^Right you are. I just make a habit of marking it in all applications, sorry for the saying it's necessary notsominidude. Kevin's absolutely correct
The BB Blaster is one of the worst amps ever made - no way it's worth spending money on a speaker for one. Fine if you've got a spare speaker hanging around, but a ludicrous waste of cash otherwise.