Does anyone have a picture of a guitar with all the notes marked out of it,

something high res?

I'd like to set it as my desktop picture so i can always see it sorta thing,
......get guitar alchemist it has a built in quiz, where you have to identify notes and chords etc it`ll keep you on your toes.

it`s a good idea having something to stare at when your doing nothing on your comp...

get a A3 sheet of paper and make a poster sized fretboard and fill in the notes yourself and stick it on the back of the toilet door (gives you something to read whilst having a s**t)
i was kinda hoping more of a actual guitar sorta thing,

and something a bit more..... dark not bright white :P
I found a free download from www.TabGuitarLessons.com called Fretpro.
It has what you're looking for. The basic program has chords, scales, etc. for your computer use. It shows the guitar neck with all the dots, notes, and much more.
Anyone got one the size of a good wallpaper tho?

Would be great to have one
can`t you do anything for yourself, in answer to your next post no wipe your own arse....you`ll learn a hell of alot faster if you write the fretboard out for yourself a few times......
Dunno bout you, but I use them as my computer's password. 6 notes on a string at a time...
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