Alright, so far ive only had two cables, and ive somehow found a way to make them not work right. Both cables ended up cutting out multiple times, and if i move the cable a little bit, it will work again, then cut out once more. Ive never wrapped the cable up, i just kinda let it sit on the floor. Am i just buying to cheap of cables, or is there something else i could do?

well...what kind of cables are they? if they are cheap ones, shell out the cash for something decent; it'll be worth it in the long run. try looking at monster, planet waves, and mogami, just to start.
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monsters arent really that great. just becuase they are expensive doesn't mean they're high quality.
Just get the cheapest cables with lifetime guarantee. They will save you money. Once they break, they will be replaced for free where you bought the cable.
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Sounds like dodgy soldering work to me.

First: Buy good cables, not expensive cables, GOOD cables. I've had a pretty good run with Planet Waves cables, about 80% of them have lasted since I bought them (minimum 2 years ago, max 5).

Next: Don't let your cable "sit on the floor". Always roll it up using the over-under technique (look it up) when you're not using it.

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Then: Never remove the cable by any means than the metal housing at either end, pulling the cable means pulling the solder which leads to cables dying. If you see a bare cable connector you'll understand how little there is holding it all together.

And finally, don't stand on or throw or incorrectly roll or just bunch up the cable.

The above will guarantee your good quality cable's survival for many, many years.

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I'm sure leaving your cables on the floor aren't doing them any good.
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hey thanks people, ill look into buying a better cable, and i will start wrapping it up more, cuz i would really hate having to buy another cable after a month or two each time