i got a second hand bass and the strings that were on it NEED replacing but the problem is i don't know what a good gauge to use is, i play guitar and use either 10's or 11's so what would the equivalent be on a bass guitar?
+ i don't know if this matters at all but i play alot of metal at home and jazz with a school band

Mine are .45 - .105.
I'm in E standard usually, but my band plays in drop C.
Depends on the tuning you play in, maybe your just looking to get a set that will produce a tension that you'll be used to though and there's some tension calculators on the net that could help but it would be easier to just get used to the new tension and size imo.

If you give some examples of the tunings you generally plan to play in then you'd get much better results, but you'll also learn that the gauges used to reach notes lower than D or so likely wont be able to tune soo freely up and down.
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You'll probably be wanting to look for just a standard gauge string which is .105-.45 gauge. If you play a lot of metal and drop tune a lot, then perhaps .110-.50 would be better.