I'm gonna get myself a Distortion or Overdrive pedal for my Palomino V8,and i don't really know which one.
The brands i have near me: DOD,Boss,Digitech,Ibanez,Zoom,Tonebone and IK muletimedia.
Budget:around 100 bucks.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

EDIT:I play alternative rock,punk rock,hard rock,and a little grunge and metal(not really hard metal,mostly metallica and classic 70s metal).
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MXR GT-OD are great overdrive pedals. you might want to consider one of those.

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Just found out that i can also get MXR,Marshall,Electro Harmonix and Danelectro.
a good ol' TS9 is always a good choice if you like the mid-hump. the MXR distortion+ is another good choice for classic metal sounds (Randy Rhoads used one all the time in conjunction with his Marshalls). a great, cheap alternative to the MXR, is a DOD 250.
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The DigiTech Hardwire Valve Distortion springs to mind as far as distortion goes... if you're willing to save more, there's the Radial Tonebone Hot British as well.
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