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--RI-------RT Right hand index
0 0%
--LI-------RT Left hand index
2 100%
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In lots of video I see people use their right hand's finger to make a harmonic but I find it just as difficult to use my left hand's finger. Plus if I use my left to touch the strings then I can touch more then one at once and play octave harmonic intervals which are awesome.
So should I use my right hand's or my left?

Diagram of the 2 options:
R = right
L = left
T = thumb picking the string
I = pointer finger.
----RI---------RT Should I use my right inde
----LI---------RT My left index?

Diagram of doing intervals with octave harmonics.
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For natural harmonics use your left hand and for artificial (or pinch) harmonics you're gonna have to use both hands (fretting with the left hand performing the harmonic with your right hand).

Hope that answers your question.
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this isnt about pinch harmonics. its either play it with you left or right with 2 fingers