I'm going to audition for a band in a few days. It's not a fully formed band, but I'm trying to become the second guitar player in the project. We're going to jam at a rehearsal studio. They don't have any solid songs yet as far as I know. Anyway, I was just wondering if there were any tips anyone could give me to make the whole thing go smoothly so I don't look like an idiot.
Obviously showcase your strongpoints and musical style whether you are versatile or reminiscent of a only a few...
Be polite, smile and look at people when they talk to you.

Get all your gear sorted out and in perfect working condition.

Listen to what other people have to say about your playing and try to accomodate them.

Ask what the band is influenced by, go buy/download some albums and listen to them. Learn where the band is coming from.
We're all on the same page and want to play the same style of music, so that helps me a lot. I dunno, sometimes I'll jam with people and its cool, and sometimes it's just awkward. Im just gonna try my best to be friendly and easy going and show off some riffs and stuff I've been working on. That sounds fine, right?
Just jam with them and showcase what you are as a player. If they like it, it's your project. Don't try to do a different thing then what you enjoy just to please them though, take your time to find the perfect project.
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I would sudhest playing what they have, and following well. Unless they ask you to show them what you got, stick to what they do, and see if you can make it better. No one wants to feel inadequite right out the gate with a new member.
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