With proper Hammer-on and Hammer-on from nowhere technique, how far should the finger be above the string before the strike?
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Id assume as low as possible, or maybe higher depending on how loud you want it to ring out.
As with any other technique, you should try to keep your fingers as close to the fretboard as possible without touching the strings when they're not "in use." However, if you're just playing some hammer-on riffs as opposed to quick legato runs, it's not a big deal if your fingers are higher off the fretboard.
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depends on the guitar if its a low action gain heavy thing then you wont need any height if it is.
i usually pull my finger back to almost a centimeter away from the fretboard before doing a hammer on from nowhere

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well, I'm wanting to work on my technique here. My legato sucks right now, and I want to learn proper technique so that I can then start to work on more advanced pieces of music like Thunderstruck (I mean I'm stuck on even more basic stuff than that atm)...
"grateful is he who plays with open fingers" - Me


Maybe 5mm max
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Thanks so far, and specificly to which ones pink... I've printed out those pages you linked me to, and plan on reading those slightly later tonight. Thanks, and appologies for the late responce.
"grateful is he who plays with open fingers" - Me


No one here can measure EXACTLY how far your finger should be above the string before executing a hammer-on/pull off/what have you.

Simply put, utilize economy of motion to the best of your ability. Play smart; look at your fretting hand and try to eliminate as much excess motion as possible. Almost EVERY classical guitarist would tell you that the strength in a hammer-on/pull-off comes from the strength of the finger. DO NOT allow motion to come from the hand...like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNPaR5xiwZc

You will see John Frusciante, while most definitely musically blessed, has god-awful fretting hand technique. Notice the excess motion around 0:22 seconds in. You must avoid this and use your finger strength instead.

Draw your own conclusions from there.