I dont know if anyone would buy these here. But maybe someone could tell me how much to expect.

The Marshall MG30. Has onboard effects including reverb, delay, chorus, and flanger. Has 2 channels, clean and distortion. I paid around $265 for it new. It's still in fairly nice condition.

The BC Rich Avenge SOB (Son of the Beast) A scaled down version of BC Riches famous beast, but keeping the full 24 fret neck. It's black with a red bevel. It has 1 humbucker, and it's the stock one that came in it. I paid $325 I think for it, after tax and all. It does have some bumps, and dents, which are common on basswood guitars, but it still sounds great.

The Dean VX. It's a classic v really. Has a real warm tone. The pick-ups are stock "zebra humbuckers" I like playing rythym with this because of its warmer tone. New, I think it's somewhere around $220. It's in really great condition, almost new.
I can say for the mg30, if you were going to sell it here the price would be low...........very very low.
And if you take it to a shop to sell it, they wont offer much, some shops offered me about £20 - £40 (about $40-$60). So don't expect much for the MG.

i'm not sure what you should expect for the two guitars
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I'm definitely not selling it back to the store. They steal all your money, and that I know. I'm either just gonna put an ad out, or try craiglist. What should I expect from there.
I gotta friend who is willing to pay $235 for my BC Rich, or maybe $200 for my amp. He likes the amp, I dunno why, I guess its better than his smaller fender amp. But does that seem fair, on both ends, for the BC Rich? I know I could give him a better deal on the amp, but he's better off getting a roland cube, right?