So, I'm just beginning and I've started with the song Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden. I've tuned to Drop D and I was learning (or giving it my best shot) by ear, and I got to a certain place where it's just way too awkward for me to get the notes to ring out.

I went to look at the tab to see if I was doing something wrong, but it's the second piece (31333)

e :----------------|----------------|----------------|-----------------| 
B :----------------|---------[B]3[/B]------|----------------|-----------------| 
G :----------------|-------[B]3[/B]----[B]-3[/B]--|---------1------|---------2-------| 
D :-------5-------5|-----[B]3[/B]---------[B]3[/B]|-------1-----1--|-------0-----0---| 
A :-----5-------5--|---[B]1[/B]------------|-1---1---------1|-----3---------3-| 
D :-3/5-----5-3----|-[B]3[/B]--------------|---1------------|-1-0-------------|

I was playing the F with my middle finger, the A# with my index, the next F and A# with my ring finger and the D with my pinky. It's very awkward to hold the notes this way for me, and even harder to make a smooth transition into it but I just don't see a better way to finger this.

Any advice?

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e :----------------|----------------|----------------|-----------------|
B :----------------|---------3------|----------------|-----------------|
G :----------------|-------3-----3--|---------1------|---------2-------|
D :-------5-------5|-----3---------3|-------1-----1--|-------0-----0---|
A :-----5-------5--|---1------------|-1---1---------1|-----3---------3-|
D :-3/5-----5-3----|-3--------------|---1------------|-1-0-------------|

Code tags ftw.

Edit: Like many things, I'm afraid, it's just difficult but not impossible.
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That's what I feared, haha. Thanks for the reply & the code help.

Guess I'll keep plugging away at that chord switch.
Quote by ReverendMercury
but I just don't see a better way to finger this.

Any advice?

Did you try curving your Middle and Index finger to hit the G Spo-- Oops, wrong topic

But seriously, what blue_strat said is pretty much it. Just keep swinging away at it, and you'll eventually have it down pat. The more you practice, the easier it will come.
i use my ring to make a half barre, same way as i would play a 9th chord like x32333 This is more awkward though... it'll just be finger strength in the end really.

you could try doing a thumb over type chord if you have very long fingers - i can only 'just' do it and i have pretty darn stretchy hands - i can't make it on my acoustic though, my normal rule is me on acoustic = average hands on electric. Worth a try though...
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I play it as a major chord with my index and pinky, and then use my ring finger to hit the bass g-note.