I've once found a thread here which stated a lot of tones from famous guitarists.

Now i'm trying to find it, but after searching for 20 minutes I now give up searching and i'm hoping somebodys knows where it is.

It's looking something like this:

Mick Thompson
Tuning: B, F#, B, E, G#, C# (low to high)
Bass: 5
Middle: 6


Thanks in advance

it's stickied, for christ's sake.

EDIT: wait, spoke too soon . when did they delete it? i thought the point of the setting's thread was to stop threads like this from popping up?

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=688660&highlight=settings here it is.
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lolz, if it is deleted:

Thats a damn shame

If it's sticky:

I'm damn blind!!!
It's not deleted as far as I know...it just got buried when they implemented the new sticky system...I will find it.

Jhacey found it....again, it was buried when the new sticky system came out.
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it's not the gear i'm looking for, it's the setup (bass, mids etc) of the pedals

I would like to test my distortion pedal with the settings from some guitarists like mick thompson, matt tuck, matt heafy, etc.

But thanks for searching


Hey, i found it because u posted in it xD
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