Ok, I know my guitar sucks first and foremost, but it's what I have and I'm not getting anything else for a while, but I have an Epiphone SG special, and have had it for around 6 months. It plays pretty good, stays in tune well, and was a solid starting point. Now, I'm getting to the point where I want to tune down a bit and experiment with Drop C songs, just to kind of have fun. I bought some Ernie Ball skinny top heavy bottom strings and installed them, but when I get the 6th string tuned down to C it's still floppy like a rubber band. I played my cousin's LTD ec-1000 in drop C and his bottom string didn't feel anything like that, so I know it's possible to tighten it up. Are there any mods or setup features I can do on my guitar to make it a little more comfortable down there? I'm open to suggestions, I have my action set pretty low, would it help if I raised it back up to factory settings?
Thicker strings

Get 10's or 11's for drop C
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yep, thicker strings. You will probs need to adjust the action to accomodate them.

If you do, do it at the bridge and NOT the truss rod!
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^this, thicker string help alot, I use standard .10' and currently I'm in a Drop A# tuning, which is 2 steps down from standard, its a bit loose, but not to terribly. Thers really not much set up in down tuning unless you have a floyd or something similar. As long as you dont plan on staying in a drop tuning for a long time, you really dont have to do any set up on your guitar. But getting your guitar professionaly set up first for standard helps alot with down tunings.
Thanks for the tips guys. As for strings, I'm using the Heavy top skinny bottom strings, the gauges are .10, .13, .17, .30, .42, .52, so they're thick enough to handle it. I think I'm gonna just stick with Drop D for now. I've gotta get a new amp first, but hopefully within the next year I'll have the opportunity to place an order to the nice people over at Carvin.