Something I wrote yesterday, very folk metalish, but mostly me attempting layer far to many instruments and trying to make it sound good. This time with mixed results..

So tis' with great pleasure I bestow upon thee:

The Ballad of Nookumgrumble: Orc Warrior of the 7th Realm!

As always,
The Ballad of Nookumgrumble.zip
Wow, nice song!
I really liked it until the first half, during the second half my CPU choked because of too many tracks, RSE CPU showed 111%
you're right about being very layered.. I'm not sure how to crit this one sadly lol

It's got some good points in it, but it all seems really overworked, and it's hard to follow just what the heck's happening. It also goes to drag on for ages too, even though there are changes etc in it.

The song over bit was better than the intro, untill bar 143 lol, has a really odd eerie effect, i like it though :|
Dude I think you did great with the layering!!!

Solid 9/10