I bought 3 tickets off a guy on kijiji and I am wondering if these tickets will get me in. Ticketmaster says you need the credit card used to purchase the tickets and photo Id. but i dont have the credit card and i dont have a reciept for the tickets. If there are people out there who have seen acdc on this tour, can you please tell me how they are doing this. do you really need all this stuff to get in or is a valid ticket enough.
I went to an Acdc show here in Germany recently and noone cared about ID and photo and that kind of stuff, but I dont know how it's handled over there though
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Shouldn't you have thought of this before you bought the tickets?

haha yes i should have
I have never been to a concert where they have asked for anything other than the ticket at the door...unless it's an 18+ show at a bar. You'll be fine
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Yeah dude, I saw them in when they came to Canada, Moncton. I just walked in and handed them my ticket, that was it. You'll be fine.

You'll love the show, best concert I've seen by far.
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wow, have you never gone to a concert before or something? You need a credit card to buy tickets from ticketmaster, if you're not buying them from ticketmaster you're fine. It's not like they stop everyone at the door and ask them to see their credit cards
I just went to see AC/DC on July 31st, and all they wanted was a valid ticket.
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I think you only need the card and photo ID for will call

This is the only time I've ever seen them ask for a credit card and ID.

They won't at the gate. It would take waaaaaay too long to check everyone's ID and credit card at the gate.