I've got a Yamaha FG730S guitar and I am looking to replace the strings. I have had my guitar for over a year but I can't say I have had a decent stretch of good practicing. So I still consider myself as a newer guitar player. Anyways, I am not sure what strings to get. Last time I got strings I ordered them from webstrings. At that point the phosphor bronze were out of stock and I ordered medium 80/20 bronze strings. I think I will probably order a few because they are cheap but does anyone have any recommendations? What is the difference on sound for phosphor bronze vs 80/20 bronze and what about difference of sound of light vs medium?
D'Addario EJ16 PB sound great on my FG730. Nice crisp lows and clean highs.
Between light and medium, from what I've read, you're going to have better tone using the mediums, but it will be harder to play. And from what the D'Addario string box says, the 80/20 are bright and the phosphor bronze is going to be more mellow.
I have the same guitar. I like the D'Addario EJ11s 80/20 bronze and am currently tring out the Ernie Ball Earthwood Light .11-.52.
Yamaha FG730S
Thanks for the recommendations so far. Where do you all tend to buy your strings? I have used webstrings as it is only 3.25 per set plus 4 shipping, but then again its only their strings. Has anyone tried webstrings and would you be able to tell me how they compare to other strings out there?
can't really recommend a string till we know about you and your playing. what kind of music do you play - do you strum, fingerpick or both? what kind of sound are you looking for? do you have strong hands and control over your playing?

if you're not sure, i recommend d addario phosphor bronze lights. we mostly use the extra lights around here - have 'em on i think 5 guitars in our apartment right now. they sound good on everything from a seagull to a gibson. if you don't need extra lights, the lights are really sweet.

btw, the other day i played a j-45 i've played before, but they had changed the strings to martin marquis. i couldn't BELIEVE that there was such a difference in sound - i actually thought it was a different j-45. i haven't tried them on my seagull yet, but i will be. how they would sound on an fg730s i wouldn't know.