My style is 80s hair metal and Paul Gilbert. I love the sound of cranked tube amps. I'm afraid that I won't be able to get the tone I'm looking for from the 100 watt monsters I've been looking at. Plus, they seem easier to transport. It'll be for bedroom practice (I do play very loud for the bedroom) and gigging, so different wattage settings would be good. I don't really need more than 1 channel since I rarely play clean and when I do, I usually just roll the volume down. Last but not least, I want something with an effects loop. I'm willing to spend $1500 on the head and cab. I was thinking about the Orange Dual Terror but it has no loop. What are some other options out there?
i'd suggest getting an Egnater Rebel and with an OD. it:
A) is quiet enought for home but loud enough for gigging
B) has an effects loop
C) has different wattage settings

it seems to be exactly what you described. and it's only around $600 new, so that leaves you lots of money for a nice Cab.
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Randall Rm20 with the right module(JTM i think)

edit: The mesa 5:25 express is also an option. switchable between 5 watts and 25 watts and the right amount of gain for gilbert
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Blackstar HT-5. Cracking little amp, and it should have all your sounds.
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+1 for the Egnater, just make sure you buy yourself a really nice cab.

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