Im getting a new guitar and I was thinking of getting one of the Jackson JS series guitars see'ing that I play mostly hard rock and metal, which apparently is good to play on a Jackson.

Ive been playing about 1 year but I've improved fast since I started with rather difficult stuff. I currently own a Cort X-1, not that good I know. I have Peavy Envoy 110 amp and Zoom G1X pedal (donno if that helps)

Main reason for my post is that I was wondering if the JS series is what I should be looking at. Some suggestions of other guitars in more or less the same price range (+-50$ more or less) that are better would be helpfull. (please take note that 90% of what I play is metal)

I am aware that the JS doesn't have a tremelo bar, which I believe shouldn't be a problem. If you differ in meaning please say so.

Thanks alot.
the J.S. series is a good start, but if youre looking for something in the long term, id save up and get a Pro series Jackson... much better quality IMO
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Yeah I was also looking at the WRXT, but it has a Floyd Rose. And after reading about all the hassles I figured that it isn't worth it because I dont really whammy alot etc. And I play in Drop D most of the time but I have a few songs that I play in standard which again makes the Floyd Rose anoying.

I don't know alot about the MG series. If I'm not mistaken its more or less between the JS and the X series. Would that be a better choice? Do they also have floyd rose's?

It doesn't neccesarily have to be a Jackson though. I just figured they are good. If anyone knows about an Ibanez or something that would be better then yeah, like I said. Feel free to suggest stuff
They Js series is really good. For about 300$ you can get a great sounding guitar made of alder not basswood. This is why I love jackson. If you want something that will last you longer and sound even better try the X or pro series.
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I would argue that the MG series is just as good, if not, slightly better than the Pro series. Some of the MG series guitars offer better components and woods.