Been a while since i created anything, and i hope this is good enough. Some parts are heavily influenced by Trivium, and some parts from Disturbed, and a few riff came from i don't know where, so that's good i guess.

GP5 is mixed with RSE and GP4 is mixed for non RSE. I used to have a vocal melody, but it sounded like crap. so right now its just an instrumental. I'm fairly proud of this one, (i think).

Crit for Crit, so leave a link, and i'll be sure to get back to you.
Almost epic.zip
Kay, first and foremost: Do you have something against Vibrato's? :P
haha, it sounds good but a little bland.

Second: I see sooo many places where I could wiggle my dynamics in there to give this song some extra power. If you don't mind. Same with the solo.

Acoustic - Verse: Awesome, flawless even, besides the lack of vibrato. I might use a harmony with the leads, but it sounds really good.

Verse - Chorus: Needs some dynamics in my opinion, but overall sounds amazing. Besides the fact, the second time the chord progression comes around in the verse, you should have a low palm muted root note of the last chord just givin 'er.

Chorus - Verse: Favorite part. Sounds SO good. I'm proud.

Solo: There's a little bit I'd change, more to give it more emotion but overall sounds great.

The rest: Same stuff, besides the after solo. - Sounds pretty good, especially the ending.

Also: Where do you live? Are you in a band? If so, we should totally go on tour together in a few years.
As I listen

Intro. Loved the opening, but I find the lead guitar is lacking. Very flat phrasing, some poor note choice, it just has no feel to it at all.

Preverse. Fantastic, sounded really nice.

Verse: First 8 bars were such a good idea, but it's not nearly as powerful as it could be. Open up the drum track a bit, really emphasize those chord shots on the guitar. Reapeating the pre-verse as part of the verse is strange, but it works just fine.

Pre-chorus. Very cool. Neat little thing you did with the bass.

Chorus: Loved it.

Breakdown: Very nice bass, could use some little drum fills.

Verse ii: nice to see some alterations. There's a lot of open space in the guitar lines. Some little fills might be a cool idea, but otherwise it works really well.

Scream Breakdown: Meh... Not bad, but very generic.

Guitar solo: Not bad... Not much in the way of phrasing, some odd note choice. Nothing special, but it wasn't bad by any means, and it worked well in the context of the song. Bars 130-131 were quite cool.

Interlude: So very very cool. Loved how you built it up into the chorus, and that pause was totally unexpected. Very effective.

Nice job. Lots of cool stuff in here. Some really great bass hidden away throughout, which came as a very unexpected treat considering the genre. Add a little more power to your drums, change up the intro lead guitar part, and you've got a really great song.
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yah, i forgot to mention in the first post that the intro solo thing was really just filler :S

@ icronic, want to leave a link? i'd be more than happy to crit one of your songs

@ Bitter|Symphony, i live in idaho :S

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Dude, loved that

That has the be one of the most melodic songs I've heard on UG in a while. I loved the whole thing, especially the choruses, but the only bit of crit I have for you is that the solo is way too technical. If that's what you're into and prefer, then you can leave it, but IMO, this song deserves a beautiful melodic solo

Nice, 9.5/10

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