Hi all

I have a 40 Watt Peavy Envoy110 Amp and I was wondering if it's loud enough to use it for a gig where more or less 100-150 ppl would be.

I also use a G1X Zoom pedal, not sure if it affects the volume, if it does let me know.

Thanks alot.
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What kind of music will you be playing?
What kind of live sound will you have? A legit place with a legit sound system, or a powered mixer/ 2 speakers in a highschool gym?
How loud do the fellow band members play (in regards to first question)?

If you have a legit sound system in a legit setting, your amp can be mic'd and you'll be just fine. However, if you're playing a more low-profile show with just straight amp volume and you've got a hard hitting drummer, that 40 watt Peavey is going to have a tough time keeping up without it sounding like complete trash...that of course depends on the style of music you're playing as well.
We will be playing a few Rock and metal songs. Our drummer has electric drums, that he will be using, so that wouldn't be so bad. Sound type would be distortion whole time. I don't think we will be mic'd. Were gooing to play in a school hall, supose you could say its about 50x20 metres.