In a mans life there are many candles
A passion for the candle sets it alight
These candles burn till there is nothing left
If the other party shares the same blazing candle, they run with it
If only one shares this candle, it fades
Man can stop each flame by his own doing,
But why would he?
Some candles, however, burn longer than others
Some flames burn brighter than the sun
And there are a few which are eternal
No matter how much we try to suffocate them
They sit and steal their oxygen from our hearts
It’s not up to us whether or not the candle is lit
And we can’t control if it doesn’t go away
So is it wrong to love someone dear to you?
Is it wrong to not want to?
Is it wrong that no matter how many times we tell it to stop,
No matter how many times we say it’s pointless,
And that nothing will come from it,
Is it wrong to have that candle burning?
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Worst-Atheists (because 90% of them are arrogant bastards)
Best- Music

90% of people are arrogant bastards, regardless of religion.
I like this, mostly for the reason that I can relate to it so much, if I'm interpreting this correctly. Other than that, there wasn't really much to it. I thought the general diction was a bit...plain. The idea was great and very relate-able, but it wasn't executed as well as I would have liked it to be. I mean it was well written and everything, but it lacked the thing that made me say "wow". That one little line or metaphor that pushes it over the edge, ya know?

Very nice, but it wasn't anything overly special, you know? I hope you don't take tha the wrong way; I did like it.
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