Hi guys, I have a question about Wah Pedals and the tones you get from them. I've been listening to different guitarists Wah Pedals, and obviously the most famous guitarists have a very great Wah effect going on.

I'm using a Jim Dunlop Crybaby, just the standard model, and I would like to get more of a Slash kind of Wah effect going on, how would I be able to achieve this, as at the moment it really sounds crap and hasn't got the sound I want. Obviously I can't get a Slash tone, but I mean how do I get a better effect from my Wah pedal that would sound fairly decent, is the amplifier a major effector?

As mine sounds very like twangy and nasty, and I want a thicker kind of Wah effect going on, how do I achieve this?

Thank you UGenius's
amp does make a huge difference. i use a crybaby (for regular) and a weeping demon wah (switched to bass wah) so it only does the lows. if you have just the orginal crybaby you can mod the hell out of them if you can use a soldering iron
you can buy the slash signature dunlop wah pedal. i would think that's the closest to slash wah you can get.
that video just sounds like delay and whatever distortion pedal... it says slash get most his tone from his amps and the pedals he uses is boss delay and equalizer
Thank you very much Cainmd, i've been trying to figure out what it is he's using. I would love to get a tone like the Solo from Slither, it just captures my attention every single time I hear it!
I think Slash uses a 535Q Crybaby...

I think the original Crybaby can be modded to 535Q specs, or really, pretty much anything you want. I'd recommend you find someone who mods Crybabies (or even do it yourself) you'd save some money by doing so.
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