Ok so I was dumb enough to cut the wires out of my pickups, not the guitar, but the pickups. Epic fail on my part. Anyways, I need to know where to solder the red, white, and bare wires, I have a Lotus Les Paul if that helps. These pickups aren't fancy either, they are just the magnet with wiring wrapped around it, covered with plastic. To be honest there is no form of identity on them. Let me know if more details are needed, thanks!
Basically there would be two eyelets on the pu base that are filled with solder and if you look closely, you'll see the fine pu winding wires soldered into them. One of them is the "hot" and the other the "return". I'm not sure which is which and to be honest, I don't think it matters as long as you pick the same hole for Black & white on all PUs so the phasing remains the same. The bare wire may only be soldered at the pot end for shielding purposes or there may be a solder blob on the PU body if it's a metal base. If you can post a pic of the PU bottom.
Moving on.....
I'll try to get a picture in, I don't have a camera ATM. I apoligize for the noobish questions, but what do you mean by "hot" and "return". Also what do you mean by phasing. Thanks! =]
Single coil pups only have 2 wires... By "hot" and "return" he means the wire that will be connected to the selector switch and the one that will be connected to ground.
I wish I could take a pic of this, but here it goes...

(1)There is a red wire at the end, which looks to be soldered onto a white wire.

(2)There is a white wire at the end, which seems to soldered onto a *bare* wire.

(3)Than there is a little stub of bare wire, that I remember cutting off of the pickup-note that there seems to be a little strand of wire coming from the coiling around the pickup, I guess that's where the wire and the coiling met.