I'm an ok songwriter, not lyrics, but guitar parts. I've been play for about 2 years now, playing heavy metal. My problem is this: Everything I write sounds EXACTLY like bands that I listen to! Is this normal, and will it pass? I really want to write stuff that's really cool but I also want to have my own style and not copy other people's work. I need answers!!
Do you play by yourself?

It usually helps if you have more than one thing going on, like record ur own chord progression or riff and then play over it with something else, that'll help you find something more original maybe
A way to sound different is to combine the influence. I generally Mix Dimebag Darrell and Kirk Hammett Riffs with Randy Rhoads and Jake E Lee solos. So mix and match would be good.
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Branch out, listen to different styles. Listen to Rodrigo y Gabriela. They used to be in a Thrash band believe it or not. Try arranging aswel...like taking a song and re-writing it in a new style...take some Blues or Classic Rock and make it metal. It gives you influences and inspiration. The majority, if not all, of the decent metal guitarists around take influences from people that never played metal at all
expand your genre's you play into blues and stuff. that way you can combine ur influences and come up with more original sounding stuff