I've recently bought myself an Ibanez AS73. Before this I was playing a Squier Telecaster. I've noticed that when I'm playing now my pick hand isn't as accurate as when I was playing my Tele. Do you think this is becuase I'm just getting use to a new guitar or for some strange reason are some guitars harder to play than others?

Of course. Each guitar has a different feel. If they weren't, it would be pointless if Gibson's and PRS's play like Squiers and Ibanez's
yes they are i can only play my electric whilst my accoustic gathers dust because i hate it as i find it too big
I'm sure its just a difference thing. Took me weeks to get used to F spacing on my Cort after playing Yamaha and Gibsons for dumpty-dump years. Now if I pick up the Yammy it feels cramped at first.
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Of course. Each guitar has a different feel. If they weren't, it would be pointless if Gibson's and PRS's play like Squiers and Ibanez's

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different guitars play differently for example, i absolutely hate playing on guitars with wraparound bridges because the one stud prevents me from tremolo picking the low e. tune o matics feel wierd to me, but after a while i get used to them. I love the feel of vintage style and floyd roses, i guess because they are close to the guitar's body i like to rest my hand partly on the body and the bridge. maybe its a flaw i have in my playing style, but thats a reason to make different types of guitars, so I always play around a little bit before buying one
string spacing and scale length are pretty big factors in how a guitar feels. telecasters have a 25.5" scale length and then the ibanez looks to have a 24.75" scale length. even that small change can make a pretty large difference in how the instrument feels.
i play slower on Gibson LP with the 50's neck and hand gets cramped after a while but it's thin neck like a Jackson, Fender, or ESP my hands to don't cramped and i play a little faster.

To make it simpler all guitars feel differently.
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yeah depends on the feel, i cant play heavy guitars with a rough sort of neck


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Well it depends what you're use to.
It was easy for me to go from a Fat strat neck to a C shaped neck. Really easy. I can't stand going from a C shaped neck to an Epi LP thick D shaped neck. I can't stand the fatness.

And from Strat tremolo to a TOM bridge, some took time. I think going from TOM to FR might be a little hard for me. I tend to rest my hands on the strings behind the bridge. If I rest my hand on the FR, I usually change the pitch of the strings.
All my guitars have different nut widths, fretboard radii, and neck shapes. Takes a minute to get caught up when I switch. As far as how difficult it is to play the guitar? I'd have to say my Carvin is the easiest, followed by my Caparison, followed by my Strat, followed by my Squier. Mostly because the Carvin has SS frets that are noticeably smoother than my other ones.