Ya. ive been watin forever to see these guys and they finally came and now the show is cancelled becasue Joey had an ovverdose or somethin. not cool
Oh praise the lawd.
Tonight I kill your fucking face.
I killed your face.

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Did you join just to make this thread?
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Ahh the pit. Where conversations of Pokemon Cards can turn into ones of wizard homosexuality

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...'Cause you are...

...Everything I'm not.

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Couldn't they just chose a couple out of their 40 members to preform?

You see, they gotta utilize their masses...
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TS, ur a slipknot fan and a August 09er

lemme put that flame shield up fer ya
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I wish I had an extra sensitive third nipple, and a girl who was into that sort of thing.

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In Russia, Winter Cold + Vodka + Big-Chested Women = No problem.

Book of shadows 2?
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Who is this "Billy Joe Armstrong" you guys are talking about..... sounds made up to me.

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my penis is like 6 inches. i measured with a measuring tape and accidentally let it go, so i have cuts down the side.

RIP heaven's gate
He should OD on bullets and cyanide.
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Ovenman, your contraptions make women's

clothes evaporate.



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That's far too clever to be posted in the Pit.
ohhhhhh nooooooeeee.

/sarcastic wanker
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They'll reschedule and you can see them at a later time.

If Joey died though, then all hope is gone.

you would think with 3 drummers/'percussion' they would be able to play something. Oh well, now you have more time for good music.
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Can't be any worse than Aerosmith cancelling...

oh wait. it ISN'T
enjoi yourself

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Zeus's beard, I died of laughter
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If Joey died though, then all hope is gone.

DUR HUR HUR, that was so cheesy.
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I'm paying for the

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Quote by Colgate Total
They'll reschedule and you can see them at a later time.

If Joey died though, then all hope is gone.

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I hope they reschedule Before I Forget about them...
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They'll reschedule and you can see them at a later time.

If Joey died though, then all hope is gone.

DADUUURRRRRRP your so funny maaan!!!!!

really tho that was clever well done old chum =D

joey shouldnt be doing meth when they are supposed to be performing. stupid prick.
Scrooge: What day is it?
Peasant: Why, it' the day Slipknot canceled their show.
Scrooge: God be praised! I've been given a second chance!
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Do they come with heroin because I heard thats the only reason Dave Mustaine used them

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wow, I sense trolling!
RIP Bernie Mac
RIP Michael Jackson


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Edit: Then take pictures and send me them.

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