you can start with an original band name...

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oh yeah, If anyone has any band names we'd love to hear them. we couldnt come up with any.
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wow bud, first off, good cover, it was well played. Tough song.

Id say, first off, come up with a better name, and 2ndly work on stage presence. A little bit more movement would be cool. Might be hard for the guitarists in that particular song, but it seemed liek your singer wasnt bringing it. During the solos and stuff he needs to be moving, and getting the crowd hyped up. Its often boring to watch when everyone just kinda stands around. Just one mans opinion haha.

other than that good show.

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Does the cameraman have Parkison's or something?

Regardless, awesome cover guys
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Great cover, but you gotta work on your stage presence man, tell your singer to move around more! Feel the song. It's tough though, but you did a great job.

You can tell me if my song was good or bad as well dude. I don't think I'm better than your guitarists lol.
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oh yeah, If anyone has any band names we'd love to hear them. we couldnt come up with any.

It was pretty good. Your instrumental work is great, i don't think there's anything you need to work on there. But you need to work on making it more interesting. You were all just kinda standing there playing, and it was real boring to watch in my opnion. Move around, jump headbang, have the two guitarists go up against eachother, etc.
I really liked the music. Vocals were good too.

The leads could have been a bit louder, and the drummer flubbed up in a few spots, but that's ok.
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Think the stage presence let it down. You need to be more in the audience faces.

Definitely don't take that the wrong way because musically it was amazing. Pretty much note for note.
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