Should you rest your hand on the bridge while playing downstrokes? Should you move your entire forearm or just your hand at the joint?
Just use your wrist to do downstrokes.
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I don't rest my hand on the bridge and I usually just strum moving my wrist.
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the easy answer: Small movements=speed. big movements= power
if you just move your wrist at the joint, it'll be fast, but kinda quiet
if you move your entire forearm, it'll be loud, but significantly slower.
if your strumming you shouldnt be resting your hand on the bridge (at least i dont think you should) picking though is fine.
it wouldn't take long to start hurting if you kept your hand on the bridge when downstroking

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Just move your wrist but don't keep it rested on the bridge, unless you intend to palm-mute the riff.