Hey guys. Ive got an idea, but want to hear what you suggest. I don't want to buy any new equipment. For the metal side of things I only have a Danelectro Metal pedal, but I have an EQ. So give me some eq settings and things to mess around with to help me get my tone.

I just want a muddy, rhythm type tone. Thanks.
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You want to drop your tuning

2 steps down from Standard Tuning

Then turn your bass full on your amp,
or even play though a bass amp : D
With a fuzz pedal.

Kyuss would be proud
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I just want a muddy, rhythm type tone.

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Electric Wizard, Weedeater, High on Fire... ?

All have muddy tone.
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I guess heavy on the bass, not so much on the treble.

Or the other way around, both works. Just mess with the middle until it fits, I say to get a distorted sound you should do these things:

-High Gain, Low Volume
-Pedal (if affordable, but you already have one)
-What matt said, or the other way around. Whichever one sounds better to you.
-Keep the middle either close to the Bass or close to the Treble, that's worked for me.
-Some amps have distortion switches or buttons, those are always great to me.
-And the most important rule: Play Metal Stuff. There are a few metal songs that are played with clean sounds.

Just make sure you have a good amp and a good guitar.
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